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Hello SOFTBALL OUTLAWS Families!!!!

REGISTRATION: https://www.rampinteractive.com/registration/v3/?c=0bffe493ea1e

Coming off of a very successful 2016 season, in which we saw an increase in the number of girls playing the amazing sport of Softball AND our program’s FIRST EVER Provincial Championship Team (Congratulations U12 Tier 1!!!!), we are excited to announce that Registration for our 2016-2017 Winterball Training Program is NOW OPEN!!!!

Our Winterball Program has been instrumental to the overall success of our Softball Athletes and we are very pleased to be able to host these sessions at the Crescent Point Fieldhouse (CPF) http://cpregionalfieldhouse.com/  again this season.  For those of you that have not taken part in the Winterball Program before, the CPF is an outstanding facility, that allows our coaches to provide a high level of training in a safe environment that closely resembles game like conditions.  These sessions will teach your aspiring Softball players how to;

  1. Hit

  2. Bunt

  3. Throw

  4. Catch

  5. Field – ground balls and fly balls

  6. Run Bases

  7. HAVE FUN!!!!

For this year, we are looking at 15 sessions beginning in late October/early November and finishing at the end of February.  Our session times and fees will be as follows;

U10 (kids born b/n 2007 & 2009) – Sundays from 5pm – 6pm. Cost $150 (only $10 per hour)

U12 (kids born 2005 & 2006) – Sundays from 5pm – 6:30pm. Cost $225 (only $10 per hour)

U14/16/19 (kids born b/n 1998 & 2004) – Tuesdays Pre XMAS (7 sessions) 7:30pm – 9pm. Post XMAS (8 sessions) 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Cost $265 (only $10 per hour)


Sunday sessions will run from October 30 to December 11 and will pick back up January 8 and end February 26.  The field for these sessions will be shared for the first hour by our U10 and U12 groups.

Tuesday sessions will run from November 1 to December 13 and will pick back up January 10 and end February 28. The field for these sessions will be shared by our U14/16/19 age groups.

If you have any questions or concerns about what age group your child should register for or have interest in helping out, please feel free to contact;

 Doug Arnold – Director of Softball – at softball@foothillsminorball.com

Greg Muir – Director Player Development – at softballdevelopment@foothillsminorball.com


Thank you for your interest in Softball.  We are looking forward to another successful Winterball Program!!


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