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Grand Slam Baseball - Home

2018 FMBA Grand Slam Program –

Division - House League
Ages - born in 2009/2010
Time of Play - Between 5:30pm-8:00pm
Cost - before Feb 15 $180, after Feb 15 $200
Weekly play - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday- any two of these days per week
Things you need - Ball Glove, Bat, Gray Ball Pants, CSA approved Helmet, Jack/Jill Protective Gear

Rules of Game Play

Player Equipment

Batting Helmets
All batters (including any on-deck batter) and base runners must wear a CSA approved helmet equipped with a double earflap.
The use of a chinstrap is required when wearing a helmet.

1.2  Cleats
Any cleated footwear must be made of a rubber or hard plastic compound.  The use of metal spikes are prohibited.

1.3   Gloves
Gloves of any color or size are allowed, no matter the defensive position of the player.

Approved Bats
Bats shall not exceed 32” in length, and may not possess a barrel size greater than 2 ¼” in diameter.  There is no limit on the
length to weight differential in the Grand Slam program.

All players must wear a protective jock/jill (as applicable) when participating in any on-field OMBA related baseball activities.

Protection for the Catcher
Any player acting as a catcher, whether for the purposes of game play or pitcher warm-up/practice, the catcher must wear complete catchers equipment, including helmet and mask combination with throat protection, chest protector, knee/shin
pads.  Hockey goalie style combined masks are approved, but must be worn with a throat protector.

Coaching Certification